We can make Volvo car more valuable

People talking about the car’s safety, they always think about the Volvo .In more than the 50 years of its existence, Volvo cars if anything else has led the way in new advancements in safety technology with the  Volvo vida dice . They were the first to have seat belts, anti locking brakes, and air bags- from the driver, passenger and side air bags as well. Even in their engineering, the Volvo frames were designed to cushion most automobile impacts, hence the boxed up look. In fact, they owned up to their design-which drew criticisms from car critics as being boring. Hence the famous campaign slogan of Volvo: “Volvo- Were boxy but were safe!”


Volvo is a popular car in the United Kingdom these days. It has its loyal following of customers and is gaining ground especially with the SUV market as couples with new families tend to purchase Volvo automobiles based on their safety record. OBDII Tools These cars are not expensive for its value but it has a premium price because of the engineering and design they put into every car. If I am not mistaken, Volvo was also the first automobile to have a black box that monitors the various systems of the car and has early warning signs if things need to be checked up on.

For more safety of the car, one good diagnostic tool are essential such as the VOLVO VCT2000.


The detailed information about the tool is following:

1.New Volvo VCT2000 vehicle communication tool. This is the tool which the dealers use, and it is the perfect companion to the VADIS or VIDA software.

2.The VCT2000 is a invaluable tool for both shade-tree, independent, and professional Volvo service technicians.

3.The VCT2000 can be used to perform full vehicle diagnostics and programming for all 1999 and up Volvo vehicles.

4.This VCT is direct from the factory – never used. It is also the improved revision which has none of the well documented flaws of the original units (high failure rate cable, premature CPU failures, no power, lost communication, etc).

5.The VCT is also running the latest Rev E firmware, which works with both VADIS and VIDA. Comes complete with the vehicle communication and PC cables, and includes a full 30 day warranty. Volvo part number 9511540 A.

6.Using the VCT-2000 you can support functions such as retrieving & clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), running advanced system tests, change settings, program keys, etc.

7.When used with VADIS, all model year 1999-2005 vehicles are supported. The VCT2000 is the only communication tool which works with VADIS (doesn’t work with DiCE tool).

8.You can also use the VCT 2000 with VIDA to support both diagnostics and software download for all 1999-2009 current models – even the all new 2010 XC60 (when using VIDA 2008C or greater).

9.Works with model year 1999-2010 Volvo C30, C70, S40, S60, S80, V50, V70, XC60, XC70, XC90. Included vehicle interface cable replaces old Volvo part numbers 9511535, 9511536, 9511537.

10.Auction includes the following items: VCT2000 unit Vehicle communication cable PC connection cable

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